Pertti Sarala appointed joint Research Professor of geochemical exploration

Pertti Sarala has been appointed joint Research Professor of geochemical exploration at the GTK and the Mining School of the University of Oulu. The appointment is for five years.

Pertti Sarala is specialised in applied Quaternary and surficial geology and geochemistry in ore exploration. His focus has been on advanced, low-impact geochemical exploration techniques that leave minor traces to the environment and are therefore suitable for northern regions.

– The joint professorship creates more opportunities for using soil surveying and applied geochemistry in ore exploration and for the development of new methods, especially in northern Finland, Pertti Sarala says.

Overview of the most important mineral deposits in the Arctic

All available information on the most important metal and diamond deposits in the Arctic has been assembled and made accessible. The Geological Survey of Norway has led the project which has involved eight countries in the Arctic, GTK from Finland. The products include a book, a database and a map, collectively representing the first systematic documentation of information on the most important mineral deposits in the Arctic.

Mining projects integrated to their environments through EIA process

Why is it so important to evaluate the environmental impact of mines and to implement the EIA process?


New tools and methods for mineral prospectivity mapping

Powerful methods for spatial data analysis are essential tools for analyzing the vast and growing mineral exploration data. The expanding exploration campaigns and mining industry in northern Finland have created a demand for time- and cost-saving exploration techniques that are also environmentally neutral. Therefore, GTK aim to provide methods that will enhance data-analysis procedures.

The Mineral Prospectivity Modeler (MPM) project is aimed at addressing this challenge by conducting research and developing new tools for spatial data analysis and mineral prospectivity modeling. The project is specifi cally focused on dynamic optimization of the spatial models used in target scale exploration, where the amount of information and data increases during an exploration campaign.

In addition, the project will develop a web-based map service that will utilize the public geodata provided by GTK. This tool will enable evaluation of the mineral potential in Finland in the early stages of exploration, which will complement the already existing services.

The Year of Geology 2015

The annual review 2015 of GTK is available in online format. The annual review includes numerous stories about our operations. In the website, you can read about for example the new method developed for mine water purification.