Geosciences play a growing role in supporting sustainable global development

Rapid growth of the Earth’s population and the middle class have created entirely new challenges for the management of sustainable development. People all over the world want their share of the increased well-being during their lifetime, not in the future.

Urbanisation, the digital lifestyle and global change are megatrends that grow increasingly rapidly all over the globe. The availability and sustainable production of minerals, food, clean water and low-carbon energy have become critical factors for sustainable development. The increasing pace in which our environment changes and becomes polluted deepens regional problems.

Geosciences are in a key role in solving all these challenges. Great challenges require, however, development of new competences in geosciences as well, and most of all, closer cooperation with other natural sciences, as well as actors in the fields of engineering, economics and social sciences. The problems are becoming increasingly complex, and geologists cannot solve them alone.

GTK’s strategy is based on four focus areas: digital solutions, cleantech, built environments and mineral economics. Digital approach is crucial to all our processes, and easy access to high-quality geoscientific data forms the basis for all kinds of nature-based solutions. Cleantech refers to technology, services and processes that promote the sustainable use of natural resources while at the same time reducing emissions. We are well-positioned in the circular economy to advance processes and services that minimise waste, increase recyclability and protect our natural endowments. In order to build better environments, GTK generates geological information critical to urban development, land use planning, construction, tunnelling, infrastructure and associated environmental issues. In the mineral sector, we play a key role in promoting mineral economics in accordance with the Green Mining Concept to secure the availability of mineral resources and ensure their future sustainable use.

In cooperation with our partners, we aim to provide our stakeholders geoscientific expertise that helps them succeed.

The Green Mining programme has increased GTK’s renown among European researchers, Pekka Nurmi says.

Pekka A. Nurmi

Director, Science and Innovations